New paper out on the geochronology of the White mountain granites in NE USA!

Sean and I started working together while we were both in graduate school, he at Lamont and myself at Princeton. We ended up dating a bunch of stuff together from around the world. This was a great step forward getting a big data set published from the White mountains. The high precision TIMS geochronology was done at Princeton, while Sean was able to raise money for a large amount of laser ablation zircon data. What we found was that initiation of magmatism in the White mountains preceded the Central Atlantic Magmatic Provice by about 10 million years and progressed for the next ca. 30 million years! The next step is to put this protracted magmatism into the context of plate motion models to see if there are any connections with Pangea breakup!

white_mountains Our new geology paper is out